Archived Handmade 18ct white gold 4.28ct Natural Emerald & 1.58ct Diamond Ring


Archived Design

A homage to the house of Bvlargi who, between 1962-1967, created a suite of emerald jewellery for the great Elizabeth Taylor. One of the exceptional pieces amongst this suite was a large emerald ring, similar in design to our latest addition. This sensational 4.28ct natural emerald has been expertly handcrafted in 18ct white gold surrounded by scintilating round brilliant cut diamonds and flanked by two exceptional and unusual cadi step cut diamonds. The ten round brilliant cut diamonds total 1.00ct and provide the perfect contrast to showcase the vivid green saturation of the emerald, with the cadi cut diamonds totalling 0.58cts adding an understated elegance and different refraction.

Independent Valuation & Spectra Certificate Supplied